13 May 2009

spiral diner + clover&clutch = love

earl grey & lemon truffle

I'm taking a break from selling my truffles online as I'm starting to sell them out of Spiral Diner in Fort Worth. Once I get into the groove of making truffles regularly for Spiral (and figure out the best way to ship delicate chocolates in the Texas heat), hopefully my online shop will be back. Until then, clover&clutch will be rotating truffles with a few flavors available each week. So stop by Spiral and enjoy a little chocolate after your Bryan's Tacos or a Sweet Luv Us Wrap.


I'm Philippa O said...

congrats and good luck!

Justin said...

oh man, what a pretty photo. how am I just discovering this blog?

valerie said...

curtis and i bought some of these and loved them! the pistachio was our favorite... i'm glad we're lucky enough to have them at spiral.

Sylvia said...

Where exactly is spiral? I'm in Houston... I'd love to try these. They look delicious!
Seiko Ananta

beauty and bread said...

Hi Sylvia,

(and anyone else who was wondering),

you can purchase my chocolates and www.cloverandclutch.com, so you're lucky enough to get them now, even if you aren't lucky enough to live in fort worth :)