28 March 2009

new kid on the street

fig and port dark chocolate truffle

Announcing the newest addition to the clover and clutch family: Fig & Port. These smooth chocolate truffles begin with a sweet fig center that is rolled in a port-infused chocolate ganache, and finally hand-dipped in dark chocolate and garnished with a sliver of dried fig. Fifteen of these delicious truffles come packaged in a clover & clutch truffle box, making the perfect gift for someone special, or a treat for yourself. Of course, they're available to purchase here.

02 March 2009

crying over spilled macadamia milk

raw granola with macadamia milk

Several weeks ago I made the decision to be "RAW" for the month of March. Before I go any further, I must confess that lasted only about 12 days before I caved (for millet porridge, of all things). Unfortunately, I found myself eating so many nuts and avocados, and my stomach just wasn't having it (besides, when you're craving quinoa and beans it's really hard not to justify eating it). But I have no regrets, and I learned a few things: aside from gaining a deepened level of respect for raw foodists, I also tried a few raw recipes that are so delicious that I will definitely continue to incorporate into my diet. I recommend Cafe Gratitude's cookbook. I've looked at several RAW (un)cookbooks, but out of all of them, Cafe Gratitude's seems to provide a good amount of practical recipes (read: don't require tons of equipment or take 5 days of prep work) and still taste falvorful. The Tom Kha soup, for example, was fantastic. But, of course, it doesn't take a recipe book to enjoy the naturally good flavors of a fresh grapefruit or a mango with chile. And you don't need a recipe to make a delicious salad or fresh nut milk. In fact, the nut milks I made were so much better tasting than purchased nut milks (that often still have unrecognizable ingredients) that I think I'm going to blending my own from now on. I like knowing exactly what I'm putting into my body, so milk made only from macadamia milk is as comforting to my mind as it is delicious and nourishing. So, while I'm not going to start eating RAW all the time, I think those 12 days refocused me on the great flavors of really fresh food and the importance of nutritious food, two things I hope to always remember.

Oh, yeah, and that picture...
During those 12 days I was lucky enough to have access to my friend's dehydrator, which, on a break from pumping out "buckwheaties" and sweet potato chips, managed to crisp up some soaked nuts, seeds and grains to make a delicious raw granola.

raw goodness

Unfortunately there's no recipe as I didn't follow one or measure anything. But if you want to make some raw granola, it's as simple as soaking whatever seeds, nuts and grains you choose (I used buckwheat, oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and walnuts) adding flavors to your liking (I used cinnamon and added chopped apples and dates and a bit of raw agave), mixing it all up, and dehydrating it 24 hours or so, until crispy. Break it into chunks and serve it with homemade raw milk and fresh fruit for a delcious and satisfying breakfast.

tears were shed, but we're okay