05 June 2009

chocolate is raw (or at least it can be)

raw caramel & sea salt truffles

raw cayenne & cinnamon truffles

raw sesame orange truffles

raw ginger bonbon

Finally, clover&clutch's online shop is back up, and now we're shipping with ice packs to protect the chocolates. But, it's even better than ever because now we've got a more complete line of raw chocolates!

That's right, raw chocolates. Each of these delicious confections is made using only raw ingredients such as raw cacao, raw agave, raw nuts and nut butters and fresh raw juices. Of course, the ingredients are never heated above 110 F to preserve all their nutritious benefits. And, oh, are they delicious! In fact, I think I prefer the raw ones to the regular ones. Check out the full line here.


VeggieGirl said...

Just finished sipping a raw cacao shake, haha :-D I already know how delicious your chocolates are!! Thank you again for sending them xx

Justin said...

hmm, very interesting. they look gorgeous

valerie said...

these sound and look delicious! the photos are beautiful too...

the twins said...

those look so good! i'm gonna have to check out your website =)