23 February 2009

introducing...clover & clutch

isn't she pretty?

The past couple of months have been pretty busy, and my lack of blog activity directly reflects my lack of kitchen activity. It's kind of sad that I was so excited about my nice, new kitchen, and I've barely spent time in it at all making "real food" (you know, not sweets...).

But, I have been at least a little productive. In the past couple months, I decided to "just go for it," if you will (and you will), and try to sell my food. The plan was to make all sorts of baked goods, but I started making truffles and I got really into it, so I just kept going. I had tons and tons of ideas for flavors, so I made as many as I could and I made my friends and family eat them. In the process (aside from eating way too many truffles), I learned a lot; I learned about how to ship truffles, what coatings work the best, the best techniques (at least for me) to make truffles, and I learned a lot about working with chocolate. Hundreds of truffles later, I'm proud to introduce you to clover & clutch. I've still got a bit to learn, and I'm still working on more flavors, but here is what I have so far.


coffee & walnut



cardamom & pistachio

caraway & cocoa

They're all available at my etsy, which is, of course, http://cloverandclutch.etsy.com

In the future (probably a couple of months from now) I may be doing more flavor testing of truffles and other sweets. If you're interested in getting some goods, maybe we could work something out (like you just pay for shipping and I'll pay the rest in exchange for your feedback), leave me a comment or email me and cloverandclutch@gmail.com


VeggieGirl said...


Anonymous said...


go you go!!

Lovely absolutely lovely...will spread the word on my blog...is that okay? let me know?:D

PurpleStick. said...

Wow, these look amazing.
I can see them doing some damage if I were to get my hands on these.
Stopping at one? No way.

Penny said...

I'd love to try your truffles! Let me know & I'll send the funds.

Umbrella Storm said...

Congrats on your new venture! The truffle you let me try was soo delicious!! I'm gonna think about what flavor I want and order some.

ewall said...

Kelly Dennis,

AWESOME. I am trying to think of something to say and I just think this is awesome. So beautiful. Katie Eich and I are sitting on the couch and she says, "Wow. I want to be you." We think you kick a, and if you want us to sample anything, you let us know. :)

love you to you kelly!

Lael said...

oh Meiko mentioned this tonight...how exciting! Adorable packaging too. You should consider extending this to Foodzie's website. I can ask them about it, if you're interested...

just let me know.


Sylvia said...

That pistachio one looks uh-mazing. I have to get these shipped.. but it looks like you aren't doing that anymore. BOOO.
Cigar Bunker