25 November 2008

BAKE MY DAY: a taste of asia

I know I'm quite behind on posting, and this isn't really helping much. But, I have too many pictures on my computer, and, in an attempt to clean up my hard drive, I have to post and delete. So, although there are no recipes at the moment (and although I have yet to post many of the recipes from past posts), I'm going to post these pictures anyway. And maybe (if I somehow find a break between the craziness that will ensue for the next five days...20 relatives, a couple friends, a research paper due the following Tuesday...did I mention cooking Thanksgiving dinner?), maybe I will post them soon.

This week's BAKE MY DAY was inspired by the wonderful performance of so many of my friends at ACU's Culture Show. The international students worked so hard choreographing amazing dances and songs with outstanding costumes (hooray Haruka!). I wish I had some pictures of that! So, to celebrate their hard work (and their return to BMD now that Culture Show rehearsals are over), I decided to try to make some traditional(ish) Asian desserts.

yakgwa (korean)

manju stuffed with anko (japan)

almond cookies (china)

kaju katli (india)

mi gao (china)

bite-sized dorayaki (japan)

And, although they aren't traditional or authentic, I couldn't resist...

fortune cookies (fake china)

At least Shiwon approves...


Ricki said...

Everything looks amazing. And non-traditional or not, I want to make those fortune cookies! Looking forward to the recipes. :)

Anonymous said...

That all looks amazing~ (beautiful and delicate).
And your friend certainly looks enthusiastic about eating your food!!

VeggieGirl said...

LOVE these Asian desserts!!

Pearl said...

oh they're so petite and adorable! and your friend looks like he's having a ball!

have a wonderful thanksgiving :)

Katie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. Everything is so perfect!

vegcutie said...

everything looks so cute! and very creative

Baking Soda said...

I love the name you chose for your weekly event.... ;-)